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Desde Detroit, el rap de Big Sean.

Desde Detroit, el rap de Big Sean ha ido acompañando los mejores momentos de los fans de este estilo musical desde hace años. Ahora vuelve con un nuevo tema para cuyo vídeo se ha acompañado de la actriz y también cantante Miley Cirus. Además, en la canción también han participado James Fauntleroy y Ellie Goulding.

Con actitud sensual y elegante, la ex chica Disney es el símbolo en el vídeo de una mujer fuerte. Las imágenes de fuego y la rosa roja representa al rapero en su resurgir entre las cenizas, después de una ruptura dolorosa.

Tell ‘em that I need more Fire
I woke up this morning, rolled a joint, then got to it
Dealt with real life shit, Manned up and got through it
I’m a real D Boy, take a look up in my face
Never did real estate, and still put you in your place
I don’t trust dog hoes, dog hoes got fleas
From where they rock ski-masks and don’t nobody ski
Every time I spit a verse, my city like «Preach!»
Niggas thought I got evicted how my shit up in the streets
B-I-G Sean, ain’t nothing obese, but the feast
Swear I’m skinny cause I’m always on my feet
Gotta hustle every second, stacking paper every week
Boy I’m in the field for real, I might run up in some cleats
Was in Japan so long, I almost learn to speak, had to leave
Back to the hood, where they don’t understand unless you speaking trapanese
If I fall down, bet I only trampoline, bounce back
Back on my feet, that’s just how I be
I be out of town repping valid as an absentee
Lord G’s, jealous motherfuckers trying to absent me
Fuck these niggas up, now it’s absent teeth
Trying to pass on me, when I’m first place in the Playoffs bitch
I’m even working half days on my day off bitch
Say it’s gon kill me fuck it, I work graveyard shifts
‘Long as that weed and money chilling in the pile
Bitch I need that fucking fire

Right now, right now, right now,
I know it’s been a long, long
It’s been a long, long time,
A long time, I know it’s been a long, long time

I woke up this morning, rolled a joint, then got to it
Can do anything in the world except not do it
Bought my fam new six star crib
Momma feeling like she jewish, I’m the motherfucking truest
Yeah I talk about my mom, but shoutout to my dad
Would drive me to school every single chance he had
Tell me ‘bout the crazy girls and all about his past
And gave me the talks that made me to a man
Not everybody got a dad but they got a Uncle Sam
And he ain’t came around till I made a 100 grand
Coming from Detroit where everybody say «whaddup doe?»
Horror movie shit, cause everybody there cut throat
Watch who you hustle with you might not get a cut though,
Even though you deserved a commission plus mo
The grandma sad when she saw my commercial
«Stop having people at your shows that wasn’t at rehearsal’s»
I’m tryna to get a office at the Empire State
To bring it back to empire’s plate, that’s home
Man, I’m reppin’ for my entire state
Prayin’ that I won’t be late, when it’s all finished at the endin’
After all bottles spill it, throttle gripping, models switching
Chin chilling in my villa, fucking like I tryna populate a village
I’m replenished, I didn’t do it just for the money
Man, for the feeling, I made it through the…

But it’s never, never been too late
It’s never, never been too late
It’s never, never been too late
It’s never ever been too late
Right now, right now
I know it’s been a long time
I know it’s been a long, long time
Just know it’s never, never been to late
It’s never, never been too late
It’s never ever been too late
It’s never ever been to late
To do what you wanna do
Fuck everything else

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